Why & When You Should Consider a Breastlift

Why you should consider a breastlift

If you are considering the different types of breast implants, here are some tips to help you decide why a breastlift may be a better option for you.

Mostly affecting middle-aged or post-menopausal women, droopy or saggy breasts can be disheartening. The loss of volume and perkiness has changed the overall impression of femininity, and to change this, the ideal method is with a breast augmentation procedure.

Reasons for saggy breasts

Saggy breasts are a natural occurrence and is experienced by nearly every woman as they age. Even supermodels or celebrities are not spared this inevitable circumstance.

Katherine Heigl gets real about her breasts after childbirth (source)

The majority of women who struggle with droopy breasts (ptosis) are either pregnant or breastfeeding. Other common causes of drooping breasts include:

  • Aging: As we age, skin loses elasticity and firmness, and the heavy breast falls prey to gravity. With a lack of support to hold them up, they sag and leave behind noticeable loss of volume.
  • Pregnancy: This can be due to hormonal changes, thus leading to the ups and downs of pre- and post-pregnancy weight fluctuations.  During this period, the ligaments supporting your breasts stretch for a long duration (as your breasts get fuller and heavier) and fail to go back to their naturally perky state.
  • Nursing: Filling, emptying, refilling, the cycle continues. The continuous stretching and shrinking take a toll on the skin’s elasticity and suppleness of the breast tissues. Over time, they lose their charm, strength, perkiness, and eventually droop.
  • Excessive weight loss: Post-pregnancy, medical conditions, excessively working out or undergoing a strict diet could mean a sudden fat loss which may include breast fat. The skin which was once stretched due to excess fat now loosens considerably and the breasts sag.
  • Genetics: As genes contribute to your weight, metabolism, skin elasticity, tissue density, etc. they may contribute to breast sagging too.
stages of sagging breast

Various studies have also found that while there are no determined causes for sagging breasts, the abovementioned factors as well as other lifestyle factors including weak breast support and smoking habits can be significant risk factors for breast ptosis.

What does a breastlift consist of?

During a breast lift, or mastopexy, your plastic surgeon lifts your sagging breasts back and reposition them higher on the chest.

The surgery may take around 3 hours and involves the removal of excess skin, tightening of surrounding tissues, relocating the nipples to a forward-facing position and even reduction of areolar size if needed.

A breastlift can benefit in the following ways:

  • A boost both in the breast and confidence.
  • An appealing feminine contour.
  • An attractive cleavage, reduced areola (if any), and a full bosom.
  • A comfortable feeling in swimsuits or bikini.
  • A renewed possibility to go braless.
benefits of breastlift

Further corrections or complementary procedures such as fat grafting may be done in conjunction with a breastlift to reshape the breasts towards a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing contour.

The right breast plastic surgeon can help you determine if you are suitable for a breastlift or if you require adjunct procedures to achieve your goals.

When should I consider a breastlift?

With a breastlift, the existing breast tissue and skin will be lifted, whereas a breast augmentation procedure with breast implants helps to add volume using an implant. Both procedures can be performed together if needed.

Nevertheless, if you are struggling to decide between a breast augmentation and a breastlift, here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. You feel dissatisfied or less confident with your low-set boobs.
  2. Your clothes don’t fit as well as they should.
  3. You find your nipples, when unsupported, are staring down at your toes instead of facing front, or your nipples fall below the breast crease.
  4. The upper half of your breasts are lacking volume and overall breast appearance gives a pendulous look.
  5. Your breasts are sagging unevenly giving a weird asymmetric appearance.
  6. You are happy with your breast volume with a bra but worry about laxity without one.
  7. You performed a pencil test, and the pencil doesn’t drop. (What is a pencil test? An informal test where a pencil is placed beneath the unsupported breast in the inframammary fold to determine ptosis. If it stays, breast ptosis is confirmed.)
breastlift and going braless

Keep in mind that while a breastlift may help to restore perkiness, sagging breasts can reoccur with pregnancy or breastfeeding. Hold off on the breastlift procedure if you are thinking of starting a family soon.

Anyone can achieve the bosom of their dreams with the right procedure and guidance by a good plastic surgeon. Feel free to ask your plastic surgeon about their past procedures and patients, their success rate, qualifications, and so forth.

A good plastic surgeon who is board-certified and had considerable experience in breast augmentation will help you in your journey towards your desired appearance.

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