When Should You Consider a Male Breast Reduction

When Should You Consider a Male Breast Reduction

Man breasts, also known as “man boobs” are extra fat situated on the front of a man’s chest. This can become embarrassing for men, which is enough reason to merit a male breast reduction procedure.

If you want to reduce your breast size without surgical procedures, practical steps can be taken to address this issue – make changes to your eating and exercising habits.

For instance, you can practice a healthy diet and balanced exercise routine to tone your chest and burn body fat. Otherwise, if your enlarged man breasts are caused by a medical condition, talk to a professional doctor about breast reduction treatment options.

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Causes of Man Breasts (Boobs)

  • Medical Conditions

In terms of medical condition, we mean body hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, the body’s levels of testosterone and estrogen can become unbalanced, causing one’s breast tissue to develop in a medical condition known as gynecomastia. Most people thought that estrogen is particularly a female hormone, but men also produce it — but in small quantities.

However, in certain cases, if male estrogen levels are too high or unbalanced, it will affect their testosterone levels and cause gynecomastia. The same logic applies to women who tend to miss their periods – due to high androgen levels (male hormones).

  • Genetics
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Some cases of man breasts, or man boobs are caused by hereditary genetic disorders. One genetic disorder that can cause man boobs is Klinefelter Syndrome, in which where boys and men are born with an extra X chromosome. In this case, there is an additional X chromosome to the usual X and Y chromosomes. XXY men are sterile and big-breasted. This syndrome affects around 1 in every 660 males.

Most men with Klinefelter Syndrome will not be significantly impacted and can lead normal, healthy lives. However, infertility tends to be the main core problem – though some treatments are available to help. To clarify if one has such syndrome, certain syndromes might show up since birth.

  • Body Weight

In common cases, man breasts or man boobs, are caused by the development of excess fat or breast tissue in the front of one’s chest – it gives the appearance of enlarged breasts. It can be an extremely embarrassing issue, affecting one’s self-esteem, body confidence and mental well-being.

Consuming more calories than what you’re supposed to gain will result in excess fat on your body – including your chest. Bad eating habits will also create hormonal imbalance, which can make things appear worse.

  • Age

As men start to age, they will likely experience a mid-life crisis such as big belly, hair loss and so on. However, this is not all. Just when they thought there couldn’t possibly be any new aging flaws to show up, man boobs start to appear.

Approximately around the age of 50, testosterone level in men starts to decline rapidly. By the time they reach 80, it becomes difficult to keep a fuller chest at bay.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery


As there are many natural remedies to get rid of man boobs (through exercising and dieting), it is quite difficult to achieve your goals immediately. Normally, a breast reduction procedure requires one to be screened via blood tests or ultrasound in certain situations.

Man breasts correction could be a medical condition and may be eligible for Medisave insurance coverage.

These clinics might offer different prices according to their profession. While it can be a major surgery, always find a reliable doctor who can provide trustworthy services.

At Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the procedure involves removal of breast glandular tissue and fat through a small keyhole incision around the areolar. The glandular tissue will be sent for histological analysis. Dr Adrian Ooi, a Singapore plastic surgeon, who has remarkable experience with breast surgery performs breast reduction work for males.

Male Breast Reduction Recovery

Throughout the recovery process, the use of a compression vest for 3-4 weeks is compulsory to achieve an effective result. A breast correction will be conducted on an outpatient basis – indicating it is not a requirement for an overnight stay.

Patients will be sedated and asleep throughout the surgical procedure. You might experience minor swelling and bruising, which will fade in a few days. Normal activities can be resumed in a few days. Luckily, there are usually no visible scars.

When considering any type of surgery, it is important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon – they are well-trained to address any of your concerns. See our tips on looking for the right plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation or reduction surgery here.

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