A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Augmentation Singapore (2021)


The terms “breast augmentation Singapore” is gaining traction among women nowadays. Breast enhancement is one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures. It is natural to want to improve our appearance and feel good about ourselves, and with the added refinements to breast augmentation procedures nowadays, it is more accessible and safer than ever to achieve a bigger bosom.

But there are different types of breast augmentation procedures – ones involving breast implants and ones that do not. How genuine will the results look like, and which would suit you best?

In this article, we will look at some of the things you need to know before that first visit to a plastic surgeon.

What kinds of breast augmentation procedures are there in Singapore?

There are three popular kinds of breast augmentation surgeries.

  • Breast implants
breast lift

Not all body types are compatible with every breast augmentation procedure. For example, ideal candidates for the fat grafting to breasts procedure must have a substantial amount of premium fats for harvesting. This can be found around your inner thighs and your stomach.

Normally, the more popular option of breast surgery in Singapore is getting breast implants because of the defined shape and variety of sizes that they offer.

Will breast augmentation surgery increase my breast size?

That is the primary goal of a breast augmentation surgery. There are two factors to determine this:

  1. Individual goals
  2. Breast physiognomies, ie. skin laxity and measurements

It is not advisable to go more than two sizes up from the recommended size as it can lead to a higher risk of future complications, as well as a longer recovery time.

How will my breasts look and feel like after the surgery?


If the breast augmentation is performed by an experienced surgeon, your breasts will look and feel as natural as possible. The caveat is that it can take a while before you achieve normalcy. 

Some patients report feeling like their normal selves some time around 4 to 12 weeks when the body gets accustomed to the implants.

Between weeks 20 and 24, the breast implants should feel soft and natural to the touch. However, there may be two reasons why your breasts might still feel unnatural (even after six months):

  • Poor choice of breast implants and,
  • Poorly-performed procedure

It is for the reasons above that choosing the right plastic surgeon is important when opting for breast augmentation.

What is the cost of breast augmentation surgery in Singapore?


The price of breast augmentation surgery ranges from $12,000 to $18,000 in Singapore. It should not cost you more than that unless you are recommended to have complementary procedures to achieve your desired results. In some cases, patients undergo a breast lift and breast implants insertion as well.

Be sure to raise your budget concerns with your plastic surgeon to understand the breakdown of the cost for your breast augmentation surgery. Most fees are usually inclusive of the plastic surgeon’s fees, operating facility fees, post-operative medication, anaesthesia fee, and more.

What if I have used breast fillers in the past?

Studies have shown that some complications arising from breast filler procedures done in the past can take 5 to 15 years to show. Some of these complications may include:

  • Cyst formation
  • Infections
  • Filler migration

In this case, it is best to consult an experienced plastic surgeon if you experience pain or breast distortion after the breast filler injection. Your plastic surgeon will perform an MRI scan to assess your condition and determine the amount of breast fillers in the breast and muscle tissue.

Removal of the breast filler via surgery is often required, and only your plastic surgeon can advise on your next steps should you consider future breast augmentation procedures.

Is it possible to get bigger breasts without surgery? 

No, it is not possible.

Heavily-advertised breast enlargement treatments or bust-enhancing supplements do not help to increase breast size. To date, there has been no scientific studies or medical case studies conducted that prove the effectiveness of other home remedies or treatments for bigger breasts, other than surgery.

How do I get the best results post-surgery?

Observing the right practices post-surgery is just as important as the procedure itself. To get the best results post-surgery, here are some tips that have proven to be effective:

  • Take the stretching exercises seriously: You will be taught certain exercises to do after the breast augmentation procedure. It is in your best interest to start on the night of the surgery. Religiously adhere to the regimen for the first seven days. The reason why this exercise is crucial to your recovery is because of aids the relaxation and stretching of the muscle over the breast implant.
  • Avoid bras for the first few weeks: Stick to nipple stickers. If they don’t suit the occasion, you can try camisoles as a matter of urgency. Avoiding bras allows your breast implants to settle in as soon as possible.
  • Apply the scar gel religiously: Use the gel generously as it will cause the scar to fade quickly

Will it be obvious that I just had a breast enhancement surgery?   

will anyone know

Depending on the type of breast augmentation procedure you decide on (either breast implant insertion or breast lift), and if drastic results were a part of your goals, the obviousness of your results can vary.

In any case, consider it a good thing if others noticed the increase in bust size. As a primary concern for most women who opt for breast augmentation surgery, a significant enhancement in size can be quite alarming – especially to people with whom we are closest to. What do we tell them? Is it okay to mention I’ve had a boob job? Are people more socially-acceptable now to breast augmentation?

The short answer: Yes, it is okay to mention that you have had a breast augmentation procedure if you are comfortable with sharing it. If you are worried about family or friends being unsupportive, you don’t have to let them know.

Opt for a slightly less-jarring breast augmentation procedure like a breast lift or fat grafting to breasts – both options do not provide glaringly obvious but natural-looking results.

Will I experience any loss of sensation in my breasts?

Rest assured that a permanent loss of sensation is a rarity.

It will only occur in the event that the surgeon makes the cut in the areolar area. If he does not do this, then you should have normal sensation. There is the probability that you will experience numbness for about a week or so.

Conversely, you might experience increased sensitivity, which should return to normal after a short while.

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome of the surgery?   

Be quick to ascertain what you don’t like about the outcome. Is it the shape, size, position, or symmetry? Or perhaps the scar did not heal properly? Note that some issues may require certain resources while others can be resolved easily.

With the advanced techniques in plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures today, qualified plastic surgeons do their absolute best to ensure satisfactory results for their patients, and if met otherwise, will rectify the problem with a revision surgery.

Compared to the initial breast augmentation surgery, a revision surgery should take lesser time and provide lesser discomfort.

How to choose the best plastic surgeon in Singapore for your breast augmentation procedure 


To make the best decision, we advise that you choose a plastic surgeon in Singapore who has some training in cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. Make sure that he is a specialist in the field and not a general practitioner trying to wing things.

Find out all you can about the surgeon’s track record with his past clients. Has he performed many breast augmentation surgeries? What was his success rate like? A plastic surgeon who has performed a substantial number of breast augmentation surgeries will have a higher chance of delivering successful results for you.

Next, observe the clinic. Do they have a large consignment of breast implants? What about their portfolio – any before and after pictures? Their portfolio is an important aspect of their work because it displays their proficiency. Use this to your advantage.

It is also advisable that you stick with the surgeon you feel most comfortable with. Go with your gut instinct. Ask as many silly questions as you want so that you can clear all your doubts. It is even advisable to have as many consultations as possible before making your final decision. The aim is to prevent a regrettable outcome.

Be absolutely sure that your doubts are cleared before you go ahead with the breast augmentation procedure. Do not let yourself be coerced, harried or manipulated into performing the procedure while still in doubt. Take all the time you need.


Breast augmentation procedures have saved many a woman from self-esteem issues and regain confidence in the way they feel about their bodies. The caveat with modern plastic surgery procedures such as these is that it needs to be done in the right way, lest you end up with results you dislike.

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