What to consider when getting a Breast Reduction In Singapore

breast reduction singapore

Wondering when to consider a breast reduction procedure in Singapore?

Too small, too droopy, too pointy, too asymmetrical: Almost every woman has some complaint about the shape and size of her breasts. But there is a category of women whose boob woes are not only confined to appearance – it also affects their health.

While those with modest cup sizes always assume that bigger is better, they probably never had to worry about bra straps cutting into the flesh from the weight of their breasts, or not being able to wear revealing clothing that requires one to go bra-less.

Little do they know that the more well-endowed are constantly battling gravity – dealing with the daily discomfort that ranges from mere inconveniences to outright pain.

Hence, here are the top four reasons why someone with a very ample bosom may consider a breast reduction procedure:

Inability to participate in sports & physical activities

Women who deal with disproportionately large breasts often find themselves being unable to participate in sports that involve running and jumping. Bigger boobs may cause stress injuries during exercises, especially those that require repetitive motion.

With help from breast reduction surgery, you will find it easier to perform physical activities with an increased sense of balance and mobility.

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Improvement in proportions

The main benefit of a breast reduction is that smaller and firmer breasts are usually more proportionate to one’s figure, especially for petite girls. This ultimately leads to better self-esteem and improved confidence for those who have been self-conscious about their bust-lines.

Improved hygiene

The lower breast area and breast folds can be more susceptible to rashes and itchiness especially for women with large breasts. A breast reduction can provide relief from, and prevention of, these rashes caused by heat or perspiration, trapped by excess flesh folds.

Better clothing fit

Often, women with larger breasts need to buy clothes in a larger size so that they fit at the bust. They might have to settle for looser fitting clothing that might not be flattering to their shape. Breast reduction not only allows your boobs to fit your frame, it allows you to fit nicely into the clothing sizes you were meant for.

All this goes back to the point of feeling more confident about yourself and the way you dress.

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How is Breast Reduction Surgery performed?

To start, have yourself evaluated with a breast reduction surgeon. The doctor will discuss expectations and the appearance after the surgery. Measurements will be taken. It is common practice to be sent for a mammogram before surgery is performed.

An incision is usually made around the areola and excess breast tissue and fat is removed. The surgeon will reshape the breast and reposition the nipple and areola. The skill of the surgeon will show in the ability to achieve symmetry between the breasts and to keep the scars minimal.
Surgery itself takes a few hours under anesthesia.

You will usually go home to rest after surgery without the need to stay in hospital. Although results are immediately seen, there will be some amount of swelling that takes time to go away.

Who performs Breast Reduction Surgery in Singapore?

Women with disproportionately large breasts may suffer from multiple problems such as neck and back pains, poor posture and even the inability to perform physical activities. In the long run, excessively large breasts may lead to serious or permanent health problems that affect the back, neck and shoulders. In such cases, a breast reduction procedure should be considered.

Breast reduction is a procedure that can only be performed by a plastic surgeon or breast surgeon. A plastic surgeon is a preferred choice as it is generally believed that plastics have better aesthetic sense, as compared to breast surgeons who normally do more cancer reconstruction work.

Even though getting breast reduction surgery is mostly due to practical reasons, it is still important that it looks good. i.e., minimal scarring and of aesthetically pleasing proportions.

A notable place for Breast Reduction Surgery is at Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Adrian, a plastic surgeon there, does a large number of breast augmentation cases. There are many good reviews about Dr Adrian’s breast augmentation, breast fat grafting and breast reconstruction work which should give confidence that he is the go-to guy for breastwork.

Not convinced? Check out our list of recommended plastic surgeons for breast augmentation in Singapore and take your pick. Be sure to do your research on each surgeon’s past cases and success rates!

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