Breast Implants Review: Real Life Story

Cassie Tan

Blogger Cassie Tan recently decided to go for breast augmentation after 10 years of deliberation. Why 10 years? As most Singaporean women would, she wanted to try more natural methods to see if it could give her a chest a boost without going under the knife.

These consisted of using breast enhancement creams, going for (presumably) costly breast massages and even the traditional Chinese methods of drinking papaya milk. Unfortunately, these did not deliver results up to her expectations.

So do natural methods of breast enhancement even work at all?

To be fair, some natural breast augmentation methods can give some measure of results. However, the science behind them is often debated and the effects of each method can vary depending on the individual. You can read more about the authenticity of natural breast enhancement methods here.

It takes some courage to go for breast implants, but Cassie seems to be rewarded for it:

breast implant review
Cassie Tan

Before & After Breast Implant Surgery

It is interesting that Cassie talked quite a little on pre-surgery in her breast implant review. The first consultation consisted of her firing away many questions on the surgery, which the plastic surgeon appeared happy to answer. Inquiries such as recommended cup size, type of breast implant to use (round or teardrop are the common options) etc were met with professional answers. It is important to get the surgeon to give his professional opinion as they definitely know more boobs than us.

the next and final pre-surgery consultation, she simply had to decide her cup size and implant type. Here is what it looks like:

breast implant
breast implant

Too big?

Cassie said that she initially felt a little uneasy as well, considering how it suddenly became bigger. The initial imbalance is natural and you should ease into gradual comfort.

More pictures:

Cassie Tan

The actual surgery took 1.5hrs under general anaesthesia which is pretty standard. An hour later she woke up and took a rest until she was comfortable to go home. Note that she mentioned a friend was there to accompany her home. She *was* in a surgery after all.

Felt and wariness were inevitable once the G.A wears off and apparently, she got more painkillers from the doctor just in case. You can ask for more, apparently.

In summary, her procedure went like this:

  1. Arrange for the first consultation to discuss suitability, cup size and implant type.
  2. A second consultation to confirm the surgery date, cup size and implant type.
  3. On surgery day, wear looser clothes to the clinic
  4. Sign consent forms, collect post-op medication and post-care bra.
  5. Have height and weight taken
  6. Lie down for the procedure which takes 90 mins
  7. Wake up and rest until comfortable
  8. Go home with a friend

What we learnt from her breast implant review:

Cassie’s example has taught us a few things about breast implants. Firstly, it is a decision that is not to be taken lightly. Cassie had to suffer 10 years of wasted money on relatively ineffective methods before deciding to opt for implants.

Going for breast augmentation is not as direct as it seems. There are primarily two methods, breast implants and fat transfer. Here, Cassie opted for breast implants for her own reasons. Do your research first before deciding.

Talking and firing questions at the doctor helps a lot in understanding your situation. You are paying the doctor for the consultation, so why not ask all you can? It is also important to ask for his recommendation and opinions before enforcing yours. He has more experience after all.

Finding an experienced surgeon and clinic really helps the process.

We recommend Dr Adrian from our list of recommended plastic surgeons, not just for his good looks, but he is also actually well known for his breast enhancement surgeries. It is quite a big operation (for aesthetics) so make you find someone similar to his pedigree.

Lastly, think carefully if you really want to enhance your breasts surgically. Although results are safe and immediate, it can cost quite a bit. You’ll also want to find a credible surgeon so conduct sufficient research before making your decision.

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