Breast Enlargement Workout – Can It Make Your Boobs Bigger Naturally?

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Throughout the centuries, the ideal breast size has been rebounding from small to big, and vice versa. No matter what its current status quo entails, there will always be women who dream about more cleavage. However, very few of them would actually have surgery just to go from A cup to whatever cup size they aspire to get. So, what they do is look for natural ways to expand their chests. And guess what? One of the most common results is breast enlargement workout. But is it really effective and what types of exercises will work? We are off to answering these questions and a few more along the way. Don’t miss out.

A look inside the breast structure: what are breasts made of?

There are a few components that constitute one of women’s most appealing body parts. First off, there is the glandular tissue, which is responsible for producing milk after childbirth. The milk is passed from the glands into the nipples through a network of ducts. Then, you’ve also got fat – some have more than others – and this is what determines the size of your chest, other than your genes, of course.

There is no muscular tissue in the breast itself, which means you cannot tone it the same way you do other parts of the body like your butt, thighs, and arms.

Unfortunately, you’re not in control of where fat deposits go and how much fat tissue you have in one area as compared to another. What you can control is your diet and workout regimen. But we are going to get into that in a bit. Just a quick FYI, if you have extra fat on your body you might want to consider a surgical option called fat transfer, which usually provide a more natural look than using breast implants.

Exercise can make your boobs bigger: yea or nay?

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While it borders on truth, this myth is also partially a lie. How can that be? Well, some questions don’t have a straightforward answer and this is just a “beat-about-the-bush” way of saying it’s complicated.

In a nutshell, there is no direct connection between working out and the bust size. Weight lifting does not create more fat in the body, which is the basic component you need to grow your chest. It’s quite the opposite actually – its purpose is to reduce fat and gain muscle.


What exercise can do to your boobs is make them pop out a little once the pectoral muscles (pecs) located behind them increase in size. While this is not likely to affect your cup size, it can give the impression that your bosom has gotten bigger.

That said, it is all about moderate amounts of chest muscle here. Too much of it can stretch or flatten the tissue, causing it to move to the side and creating an unaesthetic appearance. Or it can also tighten your chest, making it appear smaller and breast reduction is not what you want to achieve with this, after all.

Does lifting weights make your breasts smaller? (Say what?)

Actually, if you’ve ever seen pictures of female bodybuilders, it’s not surprising why you thought this to be true. They take fat-burning supplements and steroids to obtain the body shape they want, which understandably causes the chest to lose its original shape and size, among other things. Because when you lose fat, you lose it from everywhere, and unfortunately, you can’t spot-target fat deposits.

However, these women are in no way illustrative of what all females will look like when they start lifting weights. See, they spend a hell of a lot of time in the gym (more than you probably ever will), eating tonnes of food day in and day out, and carefully picking what goes into their plates. Basically, their lives revolve around sculpting their bodies.

Another concern ladies have is that they will obtain a manly look if they start lifting weights. But hey, building muscles is not that easy. You need to put adequate amounts of time and effort into this to make it work. There is no way on earth to get that bulky, masculine appearance just by hitting the gym twice a week. So, relax and set your worries aside.

What we are saying is that lightweights coupled with a good eating plan can have a positive impact on your bust. With the added bonus that it will improve your health, stamina, and appearance.

What are some breast enlargement workout options?

breast enlargement exercise

Now that we dissected the boob issue, it’s time to jump onto some breast enlargement exercises.


There are many different variations of push-ups, but we’ll go over the basic one. Come down on the ground, your hands should be shoulder-width apart or a little bit wider than that. Set your feet apart to a comfortable distance. You want to be parallel to the surface – don’t put your hips too high or too low and make sure your core is tight. Do not curve, everything should stay flat.

Now, go down until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle or so, keeping that flat position at all times. Then push up until your arms stretch and you are back into starting position. Repeat. And don’t forget to breathe in and out between reps.

Bench press

The second exercise that can give you a little bit of cleavage is a bench press. If you don’t have the proper equipment at home, you need to visit the gym. Lie down on a bench and grab the bar, making sure to engage your thumbs as well. You need to achieve a medium grip-width. Straighten your arms and unrack the bar, then try to lower it down to your mid-chest. Hold the weight for a little while, say, a few seconds, and move it back up where it belongs. While you are holding the bar, keep your arms straight. Also, ensure that you are taking big breaths in between.

Vertical chest press

Yet another breast enhancement exercise you can try. It is almost identical to the previous one because it works on the same muscles, however, the difference is in the position. Chest presses are performed from an upright pose, whereas with bench presses you are on your back.

Sit down. If the machine has a foot pedal, press it so that the two stiff bars come outward. If it doesn’t, it’s fine – it won’t affect your results in any way. For this exercise, keep your shoulders back, wrists nice and straight, and your tummy tuck. Press forward until your arms stretch and come back to a comfortable position. Repeat. If you want to gain centimetres in this part of the body, do six to eight repetitions for a total of four sets.

Dumbbell flyes

Lie on a flat bench and put your feet on the floor. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, lift them one by one above your chest, with palms facing each other. Make sure your elbows are slightly bent, as this will eliminate stress at the biceps. The next thing you want to do is lower your arms in a way that forms an arc. When you begin to feel a stretch on the chest, stop and hold for a few seconds. Throughout this up-to-down motion, you want to be breathing in. Next, while exhaling, move the arms up back into starting position, aiming for the same curving trajectory.

Tip: try not to arch your back and use only your chest muscles to get the job done.


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There is hardly any natural way to change what your ancestors gave you, unless, of course, you go the surgical way and get breast implants. Yet, if you ensure that your hormone levels are okay, you have a balanced diet, and you regularly engage in specific chest exercises, you can make your breasts visually bigger.

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