Breast Augmentation with Implants: Your FAQs Answered

breast augmentation with implants faqs

A surgical procedure that increases the size, shape, or overall fullness of the breasts, breast augmentations are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. However, as tempting as a breast augmentation surgery may seem, it’s important you grasp how the procedure works and if it will suit your unique needs.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting a breast augmentation surgery with implants in Singapore.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

Different types of breast implants

If breast augmentation surgery is something that you’ve been considering, then you have probably read that there are different types of breast implants available.

What is the best type of breast implant to get?

different types of breast implants

Well, there are pros and cons to each option:


There are two types of silicone implants: soft silicone and hard silicone. Soft feels the most natural, not only compared to hard silicone, but also to other implant types. However, if these implants rupture, the silicone is likely to spread into the breast tissue. This results in lumps, as well as requiring a breast implant removal surgery.

Hard silicone is more likely to stay in place but doesn’t feel quite as natural.


In saline implants, the amount of solution affects the shape, firmness and feel of the finished result. This gives you a fine level of control over the outcome.

Although saline breast implants do not feel as natural as silicone, the body is able to naturally absorb and expel any leaks.

How is breast augmentation surgery carried out?

There are different ways of carrying out a breast augmentation surgery, but all will require you to be under general anesthetic. This means that you will be asleep throughout the procedure.

Your surgeon will discuss the best method for you beforehand. For those who don’t have much breast tissue, placing the implant under the chest muscle can often be better, but this does cause more discomfort during the initial recovery time.

Alternatively, the implant can be placed under the breast tissue itself. However, this increases the chances of the scar being more visible.

how does breast augmentation work

Once the implants have been inserted, the incision will then be stitched closed. Some types of stitches dissolve on their own, while others require removal by a nurse. This will happen in your follow-up appointments following the surgery.

The best type of breast implants for each individual will vary, and are mostly based on personal preferences.

Will the scars remain after a breast augmentation surgery?

Scarring is a common concern among those considering a breast augmentation surgery.

The incisions are usually made in the inframammary fold (base of breast), and these areas will seem pretty red to begin with. After about six weeks or so, they’ll turn to a pale pink, before finally fading after 12 to 18 months. Keep in mind that your scars will never completely disappear, although, in most cases, they will be barely visible.

Bring this up to your plastic surgeon if this is a big concern for you. He will be able to make recommendations on how to properly heal the scar tissues.

How long does a breast enlargement surgery take?

The procedure may seem complicated, but surgeons have truly mastered the procedure for breast enlargements. The procedure only takes between 60 to 90 minutes. If yours is scheduled for the morning, you will likely be back home by evening.

Is breast augmentation surgery painful?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Reading up on online reviews and others’ experiences with breast implants can help alleviate your concerns.

For the most part, some patients will be sedated and given local anaesthesia during the breast augmentation surgery. Your plastic surgeon is the best person to ask about your concerns with anaesthesia.

Additionally, when it comes to the breast augmentation recovery process, there may be a certain degree of pain involved. This can last around three to seven days, and pain medication is usually prescribed to you after the surgery.

breast augmentation recovery process

While this downtime can become uncomfortable, there are tips that you can follow to make the recovery process easier for you.

What precautions need to be taken after a breast augmentation surgery?

You will need to avoid getting your bandage wet for 48 hours, meaning no showers. Baths, swimming pools and hot tubs should be avoided too, for at least six weeks after a breast augmentation surgery.

Supportive bras are a must, and you will also need to restrict how much physical activity you do for the next six weeks.

If your busy schedule will make it difficult for you to follow these precautions, then you may need to postpone your breast enlargement procedure until you can make time for the full recovery period.

Possible side effects to know about:

Any surgery runs the risk of the patient experiencing side effects, including breast augmentation procedures.

Common side effects include temporary swelling and bruising, along with pain. These are experienced by many people who undergo a breast enlargement, and your doctor will make sure that you have the medication required to manage this well.

However, sometimes breast enlargement complications can occur, such as:

  • Visibly thick scarring that isn’t fading away
  • Visible folds or creases in the implant
  • Breast tissue hardening
  • Implant rotation
  • Infection

Some of these complications may require a second surgery.

Is it a one-time procedure?

Many assume that a breast augmentation is a one-time procedure, but it isn’t always the case.

Every body changes with age in its own way. While some women can achieve their desired shape and size with a one-time breast augmentation procedure, others might need a second surgery.

When to think about breast re-augmentation

A breast re-augmentation surgery is usually recommended every 10 to 20 years. Whether you have lost or gained weight over the decade, or simply want to change the shape and size of your breasts again, re-augmentation procedures are popular.

breast re-augmentation singapore

The good news is that the second surgery takes less time than the first. Post-op discomfort is noticeably less, as is the pain experienced during the recovery process. Recovery time is shortened too, with results usually visible a couple of days after the procedure, rather than months.

What’s next?

Schedule an appointment with your preferred plastic surgeon, of course. While online articles and handy checklists can be useful and provide answers to your questions about breast enhancement procedures, it is recommended to seek professional and medical advice from a plastic surgeon or a breast specialist. You’ll receive better clarity with individualized and unique recommendations that way, too.

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