Breast Augmentation and Lift Surgery – Pros and Cons

breast augmentation

Are you so not pleased with your upper department that you are considering having it fixed? You are not alone. Breast surgery is hands down the most common cosmetic procedure among women aged 20-29. A study has revealed that in 2013 solely over 83,600 such treatments were performed. There are two major courses of action you can take: lift surgery or breast augmentation. Or both. In this section, we will talk about the benefits and downsides of each procedure separately. And then we will discuss paired augmentation and lift operations so that you are in the know. Let’s get started.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a common term for breast implants. It is used to boost the shape, size, and fullness of the breasts. Another way to call it is breast enlargement. During the procedure, a surgeon injects gummy bear, silicone, or gel implants into a woman’s chest.


  • The breasts will be firm and good-looking.
  • Any existing dissymmetry between the breasts will be fixed. Nipples can also be repositioned.
  • It is a long-term solution, i.e. the results are permanent.
  • The surgery offers high satisfaction rates.


  • The treatment is costly.
  • Patients will probably not be able to breastfeed once the implants are inserted into the chest.
  • Small scars will be left post surgery. But luckily, if you go to a knowledgeable surgeon, they may hide the scar so it’s not so noticeable.
  • Mammographies may be hard to perform.
  • Regular monitoring is required once the implants are inserted. They may even need to be replaced after a while.
  • Statistics show implant breakage may occur within 11 years.

The procedure is appropriate when you want bigger breasts and you experience mild drooping of the tissue. Another reason why you may need this is when your areolas/nipples don’t point down.

What Is Lift Surgery?

breast lift

The process of lifting breasts involves moving the areola and nipple, lifting the breast and then disposing of the extra skin that’s left. When the tissue is sewn back, a perkier look is achieved.

Over time, women may get sagging breasts. As you can imagine, the reasons vary. On one hand, weight fluctuation can stress over the tissue and lead to less volume. On the other hand, ageing itself plays a role. Plus, the breasts may begin to hang low down the torso during pregnancy.


  • If for some reason you have saggy breasts, a surgical lift will deal with the problem.
  • Once you get that fixed, your self-esteem will be back.
  • Spinal health and posture might be improved (in the case of combined breast reduction and lift surgery).


  • Breast lift surgery is expensive. Since this is not a medically necessary procedure, insurance doesn’t cover the cost.
  • Even though the surgeons will go above and beyond to leave your skin as good-looking as possible, scarring is inevitable. Again, it won’t be glaringly noticeable if the doctor is good at their job.
  • Infections might occur too. Not to mention, dark scars may form around the treated area. These can persist for months.
  • In some instances, the results may be temporary. See, ageing, weight fluctuations, and gravity all take their toll on the breasts.
  • Mind you, this is a surgical operation. Meaning all of the risks that are typically associated with surgery are involved here. If you’ve been diagnosed with hypertension or diabetes, you have bigger chances of developing complications.

The procedure is appropriate when your areolas/nipples point downward and are located at the bottom of your breasts. Also, you do not want larger breasts and experience severe drooping. Lastly, it works if your areolas are too big; i.e. you are not content with their size.

What Is Combined or Paired Breast Augmentation and Lift Surgery?

Sometimes the two procedures can be executed in one go. The reasons are plentiful. For one, that way two anaesthesia treatments will be avoided and only one recovery process will be expected. For another, the price is a little bit smaller than undergoing the procedures separately.


  • The patient will increase a cup size.
  • The breasts will be perky and better looking.
  • You can give the breasts both shape and volume, as well as position them correctly with one single procedure.
  • You will get a confidence boost, too.
  • There will be only one anaesthesia treatment.
  • The recovery time will not be way longer than if you choose to stick with one of the procedures alone.
  • The effects can last for years afterwards.


  • All of the risks involved with the two types of procedures apply here.
  • There will quite possibly be small scars, yet you can be sure they will fade away over time.

Who is suitable for a paired breast lift and augmentation?

The ideal candidate will be 18 years of age, non-smoker, and in good overall health. They should also be done with having children, as pregnancy can alter the results achieved surgically.

A combined breast lift and augmentation is appropriate when you experience sever dropping and you are after a bigger breast size. It is also great if the breast’s upper part has lost volume.

Here is something else to keep in mind. If your objective is to lift your breasts only, there is no need to undergo the combined surgery. Instead, you will be better off with a lift.

Removal of Implants

It is not unusual for women to change their minds later on. Some decide to have their implants removed because the results fell short of their expectations. Or because of complications. In some cases, there is also a strong concern about the health risks that arise with breast surgery.

However, whatever the reasons, there are surgeons who would discourage such a procedure. Removal of implants is not only expensive but also complicated. It involves losing breast tissue other than just the silicone pads. The results might be devastating, from saggy breasts to zero inches in the upper department. Of course, your health is more important than your looks. But that’s why you also need to be very much aware of the risks before you undergo any type of surgery.

You should know that the person who performed the surgery may not be the best option in terms of implant removal. There are people who specialise in this, so you’d better look for one. They will make sure not only to remove the surrounding tissue where silicone may have leaked (in case of a broken implant) but also to make your breasts appealing.

At the end of the day, whether you have plastic surgery or not is entirely up to you. Which way you go will depend on your desires and doctors’ recommendations. Remember that you have the final say in this.

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