Breast augmentation: Choosing your plastic surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation procedure can affect the outcome of your surgery. Here’s what to look for.

Increased social acceptance of cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation means anyone can choose to change the appearance of their bodies.

With the availability of such procedures in Singapore, more people are researching online about the quickest and sure-fire ways to achieve the bosom of their dreams.

Whether you’re looking to increase your A-cup breasts, make your B-cups look perkier, or reduce the sagginess of your double-Ds, one advice that we should reiterate when it comes to considering plastic surgery is to self-educate. 

Do your research to understand the procedure, possible side effects, risks and not forgetting, the plastic surgeon to whom you have entrusted this delicate procedure.

Qualities of A Good Plastic Surgeon

A number of things that need to be considered when it comes to getting the best outcome in your breast augmentation surgery are: 

  • Determining your candidacy – which method suits you better? Breast implants, fat transfer, or breast lift? 
  • Deciding the right size for you – does it fit your body structure? 
  • Know your plastic surgeon – their professional background, past clients and more importantly, their “before and after’ photos.

Choosing the best plastic surgeon can be a head-scratcher. You might need to do a little digging; highly-certified plastic surgeons almost always have traces of their photos and credentials on the Internet to verify their expertise (on reputable websites). 

Here are some other reasons why it is important to know your plastic surgeon. 

Help you determine your goals 

Some of us might go into cosmetic surgery without ever knowing what it is we truly seek. For example, you might be thinking you need medical help for your sagging girls. Will a breast augmentation procedure help you achieve that? Have you considered other options, like a breast-lift?

One thing to note is that not everybody is eligible for this procedure. With the advancement in clinical and medical techniques, this gives you more options than you think! From breast augmentation to fat grafting, a board-certified plastic surgeon will help you understand what your best options are to achieve your goals.

Provide outstanding results

It goes without saying that paper does not determine the credentials of a doctor. The same applies to plastic surgeons – people are built differently. 

Not only should your plastic surgeon have an extensive medical knowledge of the body’s anatomy, but a keen set of eyes for making good aesthetic judgement as to the method you will need but also to ensure that the procedure follows through to provide the best outcome possible. 

breast augmentation

Minimize potential risks or complications

The risks that may accompany a breast augmentation procedure are scarring (including capsular contracture), pain, inflammation or infection, or a reduced sensation in the nipple or breast areas. A professional plastic surgeon with a substantial surgical experience can help in mitigating those risks and essentially make it a less of a negative experience for you. 

It’s easy to understand that the choices you make when considering the outcome of your cosmetic surgery – be it for breast augmentation or any other type of procedures – can make a lasting impact on your overall appearance. 

As for me, I have long advocated the skills of a plastic surgeon far outweighs his credentials. However, a notable background can still be a good indicator of his surgical abilities, as well as his personal and medical philosophy towards his work. 

One good example of a plastic surgeon who is passionate in his work and has done over 3,000 successful surgeries including breast augmentation is Dr Adrian Ooi, a highly-respected plastic surgeon. You can check him out and other recommendable plastic surgeons for all your cosmetic surgical needs in my other blogpost.  

Have a recommendation for a plastic surgeon who is good at what he does? Reach out to us! 

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