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Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery in Singapore. Which is also referred as augmentation mammoplasty. This surgical procedure aims to increase size of breast and increase fullness. This can be done by using fat transfer procedure, excess fat from different body parts is harvested. That body parts can be buttocks and thighs. This is also called autologous fat transfer procedure. In this surgery a plastic surgeon uses silicon or saline to place under to breast muscles. Breast augmentation in Singapore is done for beauty purpose to give proper shape to breast which gives a perfect look to the chest .During this surgery a general anesthetic is used to enlarge the breast area.

There are two types of breast augmentation.

  • Breast implant surgery
  • Fat transfer to the Breast

There are different options for incision in which a surgical cut is done by surgeon

Trans axillary cut, in the armpit

breast augmentation singapore

Per areolar cut, around the nipple

breast augmentation singapore

Breast implants have different characteristics. It can be either textured, or smooth, -either beneath the pectoral muscle.


After getting a breast augmentation in Singapore or anywhere else in the world, the main thing is the satisfaction of patient. In early stages a patient expect a good result after surgery. Patient satisfaction is doctor’s first priority. A good results can be achieved after this surgical procedure by doing this surgery keeping in mind the pros and cons of this .Some patients get very beautiful results after surgery. But it’s not necessary to get desired results. Being a surgeon I can’t say that I cannot perform a successful surgery. But incase patient should not be unrealistic. We cannot change the real symmetry of tissues of breast and the origin insertion of muscles. So it’s quite possible to get desired results, by keeping in mind the esthetic prospective and by giving proper shape according to the walls of thoracic region.


After this procedure the chest area becomes tighter due to implantation. Mild swelling and bruising is normal after surgery. Breast augmentation in Singapore requires a hospital stay. The scars will not fade away properly. This surgery might improve body image and person will feel more confident. There is a point which comes in the mind of person who goes for this surgery that how much it will take to recover.

So every woman’s body is unique so there is no specific time for recovery.

Tips for healthy recovery

After proper surgery now it’s come to take lots of care, several managements are done to make the surgery more successful.it takes time to recover. These implantations are not for lifetime. Breast implantation can be replaced of person have some complications.

Proper pain management

After breast augmentation a person feels mild to moderate pain. Person feels tired and sore for a few days. Some burning sensations can be experienced in nipples for about two weeks. Pain can be mild or it can be shooting and sharp .So this pain depends on your implant type, if the size of your implant is large u will feel more pain.

If position of implantation is underneath pectoral muscles it will hurt more. Because tissue is facing more trauma with less bleeding and less traumatized tissue (J.Dries, 2019) u will face less pain after surgery.

If you are nursing mom than u will feel less pain after surgery. Most likely surgeon prescribe medication after surgery to get relief from pain.  If these medicines are not working for u then u have to visit your surgeon.

There are some other methods to manage your pain;

  • By using a pain pump device a numbing medication is delivered to area automatically for 2 to3 days.
  • By using surgical bra or elastic bandage you can reduce pain.
  • By doing some light stretching or exercise like corner chest stretches which helps to stretch pectorals major muscle .this can increase the laxity of muscle and protect muscle from getting short and contraction of muscle does not occur in this way.

Great Support to breast

Gravity has impact on breast which cause premature sagging of breast. But if support is given to breast, sagging can be prevented by using great bra the breast can get enough support. Wear a bra every time. During exercise or playing sport bra is very necessary. By moisturizing skin the elasticity of breast can be maintained.
So support, support, support!!!
This is the key point to maintain the perfect size for a long time of breast after implantation.

Avoid large weight lifting and weight fluctuations

avoid weight lifting after breast augmentation

Few days after surgery you can go back to normal routine. Either its workout or other activities, so in many strenuous lots of energy is required and lots of effort is given. It can exert bad effects on implanted breasts. Like in squat jumps the whole foot is used to jump. During jumping the sagging of breast is possible. Although regular exercise with weights will not affect the surgery.

The plant which is placed on pectorals muscle (on top of the chest) is filled with cells of body and create supportive tissue to hold the breast in place. The push ups are not recommended. The weight fluctuations can cause breast sagging, try to maintain a steady weight.

Get plenty of rest, healthy food and water at home

With proper room setting and environment of room surgery can be healed properly. Use lots of pillows and comfortable bed is compulsory. By using lots of pillows body can be maintained .Some time management can be done by reading some good books of your choice. Place some DVDs in your room to pass a good time, this is a better way to divert your mind at home. Get plenty of sleep and rest. Just listen to your body. It’s necessary to regain the strength.

If you are planning for breast augmentation, fill your kitchen with healthy food items first and some kinds of foods which easily can be prepared. Drink a lot of water, because in this condition there is a great chance to become dehyderated.so drink water, water and more water to keep your body moisturized. Always make sure u have a variety of healthy foods in your hand. Choose your meal from healthy food groups to increase strength of body.


If any woman is worried about her appearance due to imperfect breast size or saggy breast then u should go for breast augmentation, by keeping in mind the pros and cons of this surgery. This surgery can be done for several purposes but major purpose is aesthetic purpose. That’s why it’s called as cosmetic surgery. Always search a well experienced plastic surgeon and do not compromise on your health. After this procedure several management should be done to avoid any health issue.

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