Acne Scar Treatment Singapore and Pre & Post Care – Why It’s Important


Acne scar treatment Singapore are increasingly becoming more common. Many people are investing money to go through this life changing process that intends to remedy your acne, give you a beautiful and youthful glow. This post will focus on pre and post care solutions for acne scar treatment. Acne scar removal in Singapore does not emphasize so much on the importance and need for Pre acne and treatment. This information will be insightful to anyone who seeks to completely get rid of their acne scars and is trying to figure out how having pre and post acne care treatment will be important in acne scar removal.

Why it is important to know about pre / post care of Acne Scar Treatment Singapore

While most people may think that pre and post care treatment for acne is not so important, our experts on skin care suggest otherwise emphasizing on the importance of these two processes.


Knowing about pre and post treatment care is important for you as a patient before going through any acne scar removal treatment. Treatments work differently in different people and understanding this will be beneficial in helping patients get the right pre and post treatment for acne. In addition, this information will help you maximize on the whole acne treatment and help you get the positive results that you seek. It is beneficial for patients to go through the entire process and avoid short cuts to get the skin texture they always wanted. It is achievable and this is how,

2 things to do for pre acne scar treatment care

Pre care treatment is essential in preparing your skin for laser treatment for acne scars or plastic surgery. You may be required to stop the use of certain products that are having the ability to make your skin fragile and affect the actual acne scar removal treatment process. This is the baseline for your entire treatment upon which treatment and complete healing are dependent on. Here are two things you need to know about Pre-cane care treatment.

Avoid exposure to heat and certain products.

Heat can be very damaging to your skin and you will need to avoid it before going through laser acne treatment or any other acne skin care treatment just to make sure that your skin is in the right state before any procedures.  Avoid heat will entail keeping off direct exposure to sunlight. You will also need to stay away from sauna and hot bathtubs. Prior to your micro needling treatment, laser treatment for acnes, your doctor may also advise you to discontinue the use products rich in vitamin A, Retin A and rentols among other forms of medication. Following through with these restrictions will make the actual acne treatment process seamlessly effortless

Minimise on skin care routines.

Prior to your laser acne treatment, your doctor may ask you let go of some skin care routines like exfoliating your face, toning and steaming. These may be extreme for your skin especially before going through laser treatment for acne scar.  Your doctor will however advise you to continue with the use of moisturizers and sunscreen. These are essential pre care treatment for protecting your skin from drying up, dehydration and against the harmful UV rays from the sun. It is important to commit to the requirements for you to get the best results from the acne scar removal procedures.


3 things to do in Post acne scar treatment care

So now you have undergone the acne scar removal treatment process, these are 4 things that you need to do after the treatment to ensure that the healing process is successful. Some of these things you need to do in post acne care treatment are listed below.

Use saline and vinegar

You will need to use Saline and Vinegar to clean the acne scar treated areas. This may be done 2 -5 times a day depending on the advice generated by your doctor. . Clean the treated areas two to five times a day with saline or a diluted vinegar solution as directed by your plastic surgeon. These are products used in cleaning especially after undergoing surgical treatment of the acne scars. They are effective and besides cleaning the treated acne areas, they help in keeping away bacteria and dirt that may contaminate causing infections on the area.

Use a protective skin care treatment

Your doctor will recommend the use and application of protective skin acre treatment to be used in helping your skin through the healing process. Serums and ultra-moisturising creams are very good in providing the required nutrients for skin healing and in keeping your skin from getting dehydrated.  Use generous amounts of the products of the products on your skin to ensure that your skin gets the right amount of the required nutrients and protection .When applying these products; be careful enough to do it very softly and gently to avoid causing irritation to your skin.

Avoid direct exposure rays from the sun

UV rays from the sun may cause damage to skin and prevent completed healing of the acne scars even after undergoing the acne scar removal treatment. A sunscreen should be your best friend during the post acne care treatment. Your doctor will help you identify the right sunscreen formulated for your skin needs.  Use the sunscreen every day to protect your skin from damage and dehydration. Always remember to wear a sunscreen on. This habit will take you a long way

            If you need more information regarding pre and post acne scar treatment care, we welcome you to contact a doctor for further guidance and help. One of the best clinics that specialise in acne scar treatment Singapore is Illumia Medical.  Also, don’t forget to check out our list of the top Plastic Surgeons in Singapore.

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