Guide to Breast Augmentation Singapore (2020)


A certain search entry – “breast augmentation Singapore” –  is quite popular on Google. The reason is not far-fetched. As a plastic surgeon, that has done numerous breast augmentations in Singapore, I will have you know that breast enhancement is one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures. As far as research about the breast augmentation procedure goes, Singaporeans seem to be amongst the most well-informed. Sadly, their thirst for knowledge in this area has placed them at the mercy of loads of misleading information online about breast augmentation. Most of this misinformation is promoted by bogus paid reviews and questionable forum post. The uninitiated easily fall for these antics, but the more cynical and experienced online can tell. In this article, I will be taking a look at some of the things you ought to know before that first visit to a plastic surgeon:

  • An in-depth analysis of the costs of breast augmentation in Singapore 
  • Deciding on the best breast augmentation surgeon and clinic in Singapore to patronize
  • How easy it will be for people to tell that you just got a boob job
  • The level of pain you should expect from the surgical procedure of that breast augmentation entails
  • Ways to get the best results from the procedure,post-surgery

What Kind of Breast Augmentation Surgery Can You Get In Singapore?

The kinds of breast augmentation procedures available in Singapore all depends on what you are in the market. There are two major forms of breast augmentation surgeries:

  1. Fat grafting 
fat transfer breast augmentation singapore
  1. Silicone breast implants

First, it is vital to note that fat grafting requires lots of premium fat for transfer. This means the type that is found around your inner thighs and your stomach. The fat in areas around your back and arms are not good enough. It would seem as if the more popular option of breast surgery in Singapore is silicone breast implants because of the defined shape and increased size that they offer.

How Does Silicone Breast Implants Affect Breastfeeding and Getting Pregnant?


This question is one of the frequently asked by patients who visit my clinic. The answer is NO. You can still get pregnant and even breastfeed your kid as silicone implants do not cause any complication with reproduction. The implants are placed behind the mammary or milk glands so that it does not affect your ability to breast feed. And if you are wondering if the implants might leak into breast milk, it will surprise you to know that studies found out that cow milk has more silicone in it than breast milk from mothers with silicone breast implants. Truth be told you are likely to experience some engorgement or reduced breast milk production with bigger breast implants (say 3 to 4 sizes up). It is actually in your best interests to avoid the larger silicone breast implants if kids are part of your future plan.

Can The Breasts Get Bigger After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

There are two factors that decide this:

  1. Individual wishes
  2. Breast physiognomies like skin laxity and measurements

From my measurements of your breasts, there are 2 – 3 breast implants which are as close to ideal for your breast as possible. It is not advisable to go more than two sizes up from the endorsed size. This is as a result of the risks of future complications and a longer recovery time. From my experience, you will have:

  • Choose a size up or down
  • Possess a tighter cleavage
  • Own surplus side-boob volume

Note that these factors will affect the size of the breast implants.

How Will My Breasts Look and Feel After Breast Augmentation Surgery?


If the breast augmentation surgery procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon, your breasts will look and feel natural. The caveat is that it takes a while. Say some 4-12 weeks for the implants to get into its natural fit since your breast will still feel quite taut.

Between weeks 20 and 24, the breast implants should feel soft and natural when touched. However, there are at least two reasons why your breasts might steel feel unnatural after six months:

  • Bad choice of breast implant and,
  • Incorrect surgery procedure

Who you choose as your breast augmentation surgeon is very important for the reasons above.

Will My Breast Augmentation Look Real            

In this context, the definitions of “real” or “fake” are very subjective. But I like to think that the way a breast looks like after the procedure depends on:

There are generally 2 types – smooth and texture. Recent reports have shown that textured implants may cause an illness hence there is now a preference to choose smooth texture implants.


With regards to how they ‘feel”, the “softness” is generally the same. It often takes something in the range of 3 – 6 months for breast implants to become naturally soft.

  • Breast implant shape:

Tear-drop shaped breast implants make your breasts look more natural than the round implants which look quite fake, especially with the high cleavage.

  • Breast implant size: This depends on your choice. Your plastic surgeon will recommend the best size for you based on your body frame and preference.
implant size

How painful is breast augmentation surgery? 

This is the award-winning question. Patients are given doses of anaesthesia, so you probably won’t’ have any recollections of the pain procedure. You are likely to feel some discomfort and mild but tolerable pain over the cut. Nothing severe, all things being equal you will walk out after the procedure. You should even be able to take a shower the very next day and the drive to work a few days after that. You will also occasionally feel pains during the recovery period.

What’s the cost of breast augmentation surgery in Singapore?


The price of breast augmentation surgery ranges from SGD$12,000 to $18,000 get a breast augmentation in Singapore. It should not cost you more than that unless you are doing other procedures at the same time, such as a breast lift.

What Influences the Price of breast augmentation surgery in Singapore?   

The following factors determine the cost of breast augmentation in Singapore:

  • Fees(surgeons and anesthesiologist)
  • Breast implant costs
  • Charges(government, operating room, equipment and ward)
  • Medications
  • Breast band

For illustration purposes, here is a breakdown of the cost of getting a breast augmentation in (name of clients clinic):

  • Breast surgery: $8044
  • Breast implant cost: $1960
  • Six sessions of review after surgery: $600
  • Consultation fees: $160
  • Medication: $124
  • Two hours of anaesthesia charge: $1800
  • Two hours of Day Surgery charge: $1000
  • Breast band: $150
  • Total cost: $13,838 excluding GST

What next for me if I have used breast fillers in the past?

It has been discovered that complications arise about five years after the initial breast filler procedure. Some of these include:

  • Cyst formation
  • Infections
  • Filler migration

Consult a practised plastic surgeon if you experience pain or breast distortion after the breast filler injection. Removal of the breast filler via surgery is often required.

I’ve had to remove a number of these breast fillers injected many years ago. An MRI scan should be performed in the course of the consultation. This will help assess the condition of breast filler and breast/muscle tissue. Sometimes it might be necessary to remove the breast filler to avoid problems in the future.

Is it possible to get bigger breasts without surgery? 

No, it is not possible. Forget the entire miracle breast enlargement treatments or breast massage you hear about. Fact is you can only get bigger breasts with surgery.

What are the minimally invasive procedures to get bigger breasts?

You can increase breast size with the fat transfer, which is a minimally invasive procedure. However it requires liposuction and this adds to the cost and invasiveness. The benefit is that it is as close to natural as possible as there are no synthetic materials placed within the body. It does have limitations to the size is can add though, usually a maximum of a cup size at a time. Repeat sessions are necessary once the fat as metabolised, which is why breast augmentation using implants is still the more popular method of getting bigger breasts.

How is the fat transfer procedure performed?


About 5 mm ports are taken from your areas of stubborn fat around your body (such as the tummy, thighs). It is then processed and injected into your lower breast fold area. You can get high-quality fat from the abdomen, flanks and thighs. The risks of getting scars from this procedure are criminally low, and it has a short recovery period.

How much bigger can fat transfer make your breast?

This is dependent on the amount of fat that you have and the laxity of your native breast pocket. In general, you can ‘upsize’ a maximum of one cup at a time. There might be a need for a repeat procedure.

How do you know if you need a breast lift or breast augmentation?

This is determined by the amount of skin laxity and the direction and position of your nipples. If your nipple points down or you have loads of skin laxity, you would probably need a breast augmentation.

What are the most popular breast implant brands used in Singapore?

  1. Motiva breast implants
breast augmentation singapore motiva
  1. Mentor breast implants
  1. Natrelle breast implants

However, only Mentor and Natrelle breast implants are FDA-approved.

What is the most preferred breast implant shape and size in Singapore?

The tear-drop shape is the most popular while the most popular sizes are the 295cc and 330cc breast implants

What must you discuss with your surgeon before breast augmentation surgery?

  1. Determine the type of surgeon they are (plastic surgeon or non-plastic)
    1. Determine the type of breast implants being used and if it is approved.
    1. Determine where the cut will be made, its length and how long it will take to heal
    1. Determine where the implant will be placed

It is important that breast implants should never be placed under the breast. As a matter of fact, it should always be placed under the muscle except there is a good reason not to.

Although this might be slightly difficult, in the long run, it offers the best results. It is rarefied info because even some surgeons are not aware of this. One of the ways to do this is via the dual-plane placement method. With this method, the breast implant is positioned partially under the muscle. This slows the rate of sagging and provides better support.

You could also use this piece of knowledge to find out how experienced and proficient the intended surgeon is. An experienced surgeon will be in the clear about this. If they are not, then they may not be the best pick for the procedure.

Describe how breast augmentation surgery is performed?

Normally, the whole procedure should take between 60 to 80 minutes.  

  • You take a dose of general anaesthesia: The first part of the procedure is you being put to sleep by an anesthesiologist who administers a nerve block that minimizes pain after the surgery. At (name of client’s clinic) patients are given a special form of General Anaesthesia known as TIVA (total intravenous anaesthesia).

When this anaesthetic is combined with a brain wave monitor, it eliminates the need for anaesthetic tubes or the use of gases or ventilators. This method is great as it minimizes the incidence of sore throat, coughing, or vomiting and even chest pain post-surgery.

  • Space is created for your breast implant via a cut: The surgeon then makes a small cut of about 3.5cm to 4cm in the skin.
breast augmentation singapore cut

Space is then made under the chest muscle using Electrocautery. The space created should be about the shape of the implant. At (name of client’s clinic) we execute a Dual Plane II pocket in most cases. This is because it allows for the best possible shape, and there is minimal bleeding.

  • The cut is closed after the breast implant has been inserted: A special sleeve is used to insert the breast implant. The cut is then closed with absorbable sutures, and a waterproof dressing is placed over the cut so you can shower when you want.

What is to be expected, post-surgery?

Here are some of the things you will experience after the breast augmentation surgery:

  • The breast implant will “sit high.” At first, the implant will sit a little bit high in your breast. One reason for this is the swelling in the muscle. However, after a while, the implant will settle down. It will take the muscle swelling some 2-3 months to settle. The great part is that it does not hinder your daily activities since it is only the upper part of your breast that is affected. At the end of 3months max, the implant should have settled into an attractive shape. 
  • Expect some bruising: You can expect some bruising around the central area of your chest. You might also feel some pain at the side, close to the incision site. By the second week, the bruising should have disappeared.
  • Pain is inevitable: This is a complaint that is made by most post-surgery patients. Interestingly it is nothing that cannot be managed with oral medication. Expect to feel tight and achy around your chest area for the first seven days. It will be intermittent, and some patients might feel quite breathless whenever they are flat on the floor. Relax, it’s just the weight of the breast implant.

How do I get the best results post-surgery?

Observing the right practices post-surgery is just as important as the procedure itself. To get the best results post-surgery, there are three important things you must do:

  • Take the stretching exercises seriously: You will be taught certain exercises to do after the breast augmentation procedure. It is in your best interest to start on the night of the surgery. Religiously adhere to the regimen for the first seven days. The reason why this exercise is crucial to your recovery is because of aids the relaxation and stretching of the muscle over the breast implant.
  • Avoid bras for the first few weeks: Stick to nipple stickers. If they don’t suit the occasion, you can try camisoles as a matter of urgency. Avoiding bras allows your breast implants to settle in as soon as possible.
  • Apply the scar gel religiously: Use the gel generously as it will cause the scar to fade quickly

Will it be obvious that I just had a breast enhancement surgery?   

will anyone know

The point of the enhancement surgery was to increase your bust and make it more attractive. Since there will be a significant size, heck yea it will be obvious. Those who knew you with the old size will definitely know that you just got a boob job—That’s about the only recognized way to get a bigger bust. Strangers will be none the wiser for the obvious reason that they do not know the old size. What they are familiar with is the new you that they just met. So unless you tell them, there is no way that they will know that you just had breast augmentation surgery. More importantly, the scar should become imperceptible in a year max so few strangers will be able to tell except if you tell them.

Will I experience any loss of sensation?

Rest assured that a permanent loss of sensation is a rarity. It will only occur in the event that the surgeon makes the cut in the areolar area. If he does not do this, then you should have normal sensation. There is the probability that you will experience numbness for about a week or so. Conversely, you might experience increased sensitivity which should return to normal after a short while.

How long do breast implants last, is it forever?

Yes. The more recent type (5th generation) of breast implants are designed to last a lifetime. It is important that you remember that both the Mentor and Allergan brands offer lifelong warranties against the incidence of a breast implant going bad. 

Ways to avoid capsular contracture 

Well, in our opinion we think it starts with your plastic surgeon. Properly performed surgeries minimize the incidence of capsular contracture. A proficient plastic surgeon will insist on the following:

  • Situating the breast implants below the muscle
  • Deploying a triple antibiotic wash before the breast implant is inserted
  • Inserting the breast implant with a special insertion sleeve
  • Executing a breast augmentation surgery without using drains to remove excess fluids post-procedure

There are some “old-school” Plastic Surgeons in Singapore who still rely on drains (most likely because his/her surgery is bloody). Others don’t use an insertion sleeve, or neglect to use a triple antibiotic wash. Any other practice apart from what we just described makes capsular contracture likelihood.

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome of the surgery?   

Be quick to ascertain what you don’t like about the outcome. Is it the shape, size, position or symmetry? Or perhaps the scar did not heal properly. Note that some of the issues may take significant investments of resources while others can be resolved easily.

If you are truly unsatisfied, then a revision surgery would be needed in order to correct the problem. Most of the time, a revision surgery is even more complex than the original surgery, as scar tissue has formed making the implant placement and surgical outcome hard to anticipate.

Choosing the best plastic surgeon in Singapore for your breast augmentation procedure?  


To make the best decision in this regard, we advise that you choose a plastic surgeon in Singapore who has some training in cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. Make sure that he is a specialist in the field and not a general practitioner trying to wing things.

It is also important that you find out all you can about the surgeon’s track record in the operating room. Find out how many breast augmentation surgeries the plastic surgeon has performed. It is important that you choose someone who has executed a substantial number of breast augmentation surgeries. The truth is that the more surgeries (breast augmentation, of course) that they have completed, the higher the chances that they will be successful with yours. If they complete paltry 1 or 2 breast augmentation surgeries a month, then you might want to take your chances elsewhere.

Observe the clinic. Do they have a large consignment of breast implants? If they do, great. If they don’t, flee! Go through their portfolio. Look through it. Be particular about the outcomes. Be wary of surgeons who have a slim portfolio. Be worried if they do not have one. Their portfolio is an important aspect of their work because it displays their proficiency. Use this to your advantage.

Tip: Ask to see the surgeon’s portfolio. Their portfolio is an important aspect of their work as it displays their proficiency.

It is important that you create a good rapport with your surgeon. It is advisable that you stick with the surgeon you comfortable the most with. Go with your gut instinct. Ask as many silly questions as you want so that you can clear all your doubts. It is even advisable to have as many consultations as possible before making your final decision. The aim is to prevent a regrettable outcome. Be absolutely sure that your doubts are cleared before you go ahead with the breast augmentation procedure. Do not let yourself be coerced, harried or manipulated into performing the procedure while still in doubt. Take all the time you need.


Breast augmentation procedures have saved many a woman from self-esteem issues. The caveat is that it has to be gone about in the right way or you might regret the decision. We hope you have learnt enough from this article to make the right choices when it comes to breast augmentation in Singapore.

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