Breast Implants: The Decision is Yours

Breast Implants Your Choice

When deciding whether or not to get any kind of cosmetic surgery, a doctor’s first concern should be whether the patient wants to undergo surgery for themselves or if they are doing it to please others. You should never get breast augmentation surgery to meet anyone else’s expectations or to please a partner. The decision is yours, and you are not a good candidate for surgery if it is not what you want. You should also think about your own body type when deciding what kind of breast implants to get. The same implants that worked well for a friend or a celebrity might not be the best type for your body shape or desired results.

When To Get Breast Implants and Why

Woman planning to have a breast implant

If you have been disappointed with the size of your breasts since puberty, if your breasts appear to have less volume following pregnancy and breastfeeding, or if you’ve recently lost a lot of weight and your bra size has decreased, you might want to consider breast augmentation surgery.

The first question you need to ask yourself before pursuing implants is this: Do you want to change your body for yourself, or for someone else? Breast augmentation surgery needs to be something you want for yourself. If you are only considering implants because someone suggested you need them, then this is not the right time for you to pursue breast augmentation surgery.

Deciding What Kind of Implants To Get

Silicone breast implant on hands

Once you are sure your motivations are self-fueled, you need to decide what type of implant is best for you and your body type. The main types of implants available are: saline, traditional silicone, or silicone gel implants. Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, and the right option for you will depend on your body type and desired results.

Saline implants are the most affordable and are safest in case of leakage as the sterile saltwater solution they are made of is safe if absorbed into the body. But they are more likely to fold or ripple in the implant pocket, so they are not ideal for women with little tissue or thin skin that cannot cover and support the implant as well.

Silicone implants are more expensive, but they are much less likely to result in rippling and folding. However, the silicone filling cannot be absorbed by the body if the implant breaks, and it is harder to discover problems with silicone implants than with saline.

In order to determine which implant is the best option for you, you should schedule a consultation with a reputable and qualified cosmetic surgeon. They will evaluate your body type and help you decide what the best treatment plan is for your individual needs.

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