Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation In Singapore

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Singapore: Surgery & Costs

Fat transfer breast augmentation in Singapore is one of the latest medical techniques for breast augmentation surgery in Singapore, fat transfer uses fat from your own body to give your breasts more volume. This is a lot more ideal compared to the traditional way of augmentation using breast implants in Singapore.

As the natural composition of the breast is of body fat, the fat transfer method of breast augmentation ensures your breasts feel fully natural even after the surgery. This is a huge advantage over breast implants, where they might be nice to look at, but anyone who feels they will be able to know there are implants inside. Fat transfer also ensures no foreign object is in your body, which brings down the risk of contamination and infection.

fat grafting breast augmentation in Singapore

Nonetheless, just like breast implants in Singapore, fat transfer breast augmentation is still a surgical procedure and we should be careful about it. Let’s go into a little bit more detail.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost/Considerations

Similar to breast implants in Singapore, fat transfer breast augmentation surgery in Singapore costs in the region of $10,000 to $15,000.

The factors to consider before embarking on your fat transfer breast augmentation surgery is quite similar to those associated with breast implants in Singapore. Similar, but with 1 extra consideration – Not everybody is suitable for breast augmentation surgery.

fat transfer breast augmentation in Singapore

So although it might be the best option for breast augmentation in Singapore, whether you can do fat transfer breast enlargement really depends on your body type. Only an experienced surgeon will be able to advise you on this. It seems not every plastic surgeon does this procedure. We recommend you seek out multiple opinions to ensure you get the right information. I had a consultation at Allure with Dr Samuel Ho who is very well known in Singapore for breast augmentation using the fat transfer.

Breast Augmentation Before After Photos

fat transfer breast augmentation results

fat transfer breast augmentation before after

The results of fat transfer breast augmentation and combination techniques are incredible. You have all the upsides of breast implants and also retain the feel of natural breasts. It is our most highly recommended method for doing breast augmentation.

Fat Transfer Pros

  • Instantly bigger and fuller breasts
  • Non-saggy even without much support
  • Feels completely natural even to the touch

Fat Transfer Cons

  • Small scarring but hidden under folds of the breasts
  • Not suitable for everybody

Although this method of breast augmentation surgery still cost a bomb in Singapore, it is hugely preferred over other methods because it’s proven to be effective and gives a natural, ‘real’ look to your breasts. If cost isn’t your main concern, we highly recommend you seek this method out first.

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