Breast Implants in Singapore?

breast implants in singapore

Breast Implants in Singapore – What’s involved?

Breast implants in Singapore are probably the most classic method of breast augmentation surgery. Breast implant surgery in Singapore is regulated by the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. This means that every procedure has to be done by a certified medical surgeon recognised by Singapore. Also, clinics offering breast implants in Singapore often use the latest FDA approved implants to ensure further safety.

As breast augmentation via using breast implants is more complex than the push-up or natural method described in other articles on this website, we will have to go into more detail here.

Breast Implant in Singapore – Cost & Considerations

The most important considerations here are the safety of the implants, the procedure downtime and your rights in case of complications.

Always opt for FDA approved implants. Non-approved ones might be cheaper but not by much. Some might even feel softer and more natural. But the savings isn’t worth it to risk a rupture or infection. Breast implants can also be made of different types of materials. Consult multiple doctors and listen carefully to their explanation of each of their chosen implant types.

Breast implant surgery in Singapore also takes around 3 months. The first 3 weeks are the toughest and you’d need to abstain from intense workouts during this period. During these first 3 weeks, you want to be in close touch with your surgeon. You will be going back for at least 2 checkups after the breast implant procedure is done. The surgeon should also be responsible to rectify any issues and address all your post-op questions.

Breast Implant Cost (HIDDEN COSTS!)

There are a few different costs that add up to the total for breast implants.

  1. Surgeon’s fee ($12,000 to $25,000)
  2. Implant fee ($1,500 to $4,000)
  3. Anesthetist’s fee ($1,500 to $4,000)

Be very careful when shopping for prices as there are a lot of hidden costs. For example, extremely famous surgeons such as can charge up to $25,000 for the surgeon’s fee. Other extremely experienced plastic surgeons who are not famous yet might charge about $12,000.

Implant fees and anaesthetic is also usually not included in the listed price. Some clinics might even charge for operating theatre booking if it is done in external places. Illumia Plastic Surgery is one of the few breast implant specialist clinics with no hidden fees. It is generally safer to go for treatments where you won’t get shocked when the bill comes.

Breast implant costs in Thailand can be as much as 50% cheaper. But as mentioned before, the first 3 weeks post-op is crucial, and ideally, you want a surgeon close to you in case complications arise. It is ill-advised to perform breast implant surgery overseas for this very reason.

Breast Implant Types

breast implants singapore

You will also need to consider the type of implant chosen. From silicone or saline to the height and size, every factor plays a part in breast augmentation in Singapore. It is always best to check with multiple surgeons before you do your breast implant here.

Breast Implant Before/After

breast augmentation before after

As expected, breast implants will give you instant breast augmentation. Your breasts immediately look fuller and rounder. In fact, your breasts won’t even sag much without a bra on. However, as amazing as they look, the shape-retention is also a dead giveaway that surgery has been done. Also, despite what doctors and clinics will tell you, the feel of breast implants is very unnatural. Anyone who feels your breasts will feel the implants inside.

Breast Implant Pros and Cons

  • Instantly bigger and fuller breasts
  • Non-saggy even without much support
  • Look great wearing bikinis and backless dresses
  • Usually gets softer over time and looks natural

Breast Implant Cons

  • IF done badly they may harden and you can tell they are implants based on touch
  • Small scarring but hidden under folds of the breasts
  • Chance of micro bacterial infection (if done in unclean non-sterile conditions)

Check out our ultimate guide to Breast Augmentation Singapore 2020 for everything you need to know.

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