Breast Exercise to Increase Bust Size

breast augmentation in singapore

Singapore’s Preferred Breast Augmentation Method: Fat Manipulation

Assuming you’ve read our other article about understanding more about breasts, it’s time to share the simplest and most natural form of breast augmentation in Singapore. This might sound like common sense, but if breasts are made out of fats, then quite obviously, affecting the fat percentage in your body will directly result in breast augmentation. In other words, the trick is fat manipulation.

Breast Enlargement Specifics

Before we get down to the specifics, you might have a burning question in your head:

Is there a ‘preferred’ style of breast enlargement?

The truth is that breasts sizes have a lot to do with genetics. It’s no secret that us Asians generally have smaller breasts. Although we can’t alter our genes, we can better understand how it works and learns to manipulate our metabolism so we can still achieve reasonable breast enlargement effects.

The important thing to note here is that everyone’s body stores fat in different areas. Why does your best friend have such full breasts but yours are comparatively small? This is down to how your body stores fat. As women in Singapore, our genes tend to naturally store our fat in the hips/thigh area and stomach. This means that even if you put on weight, your breast size will not enlarge by much. And if we pour too much fat into our body, we lose our overall shape and get a bad result anyway.

female body shapes

However, there is an inverse relationship between muscle mass and fat burning. Have you ever seen those huge female bodybuilders? Ever wondered why all of them have such flat chests? The reason is that the muscled-up areas of the body naturally burn more fat than normal.

C’mon let’s do some breast exercise!

breast exercise using dumbells

This means that if you naturally store fat in your hips and thighs, you can actually tone those areas up with targeted workouts and still increase your overall body fat percentage to gain bigger breasts!

Here are some breast exercises we recommend for specific problem spots:

pistol squat breast exercise

dumbbell-curl-squat-press dumbbell-jump marching-hip-raise breast exercise

So contrary to what many strange books and websites tell you, there is no exercise to increase bust size. But instead, you should tone up the other areas of your body that ARE prone to storing fat.

Then once you do that, eat healthily and EAT MORE. Your new body metabolism due to the exercise will naturally burn fat quicker so you need to eat more to augment your breasts.

In summary:

  • Work out to tone up your problem areas
  • EAT MORE to allow your breasts to build fat storage

This is widely recognized as the most effective natural method for Singaporean women to improve their breast sizes. If you have the time and patience, breast enlargement isn’t impossible. If you find exercise too time-consuming or need a quicker solution, though, you should read our other articles about non-natural breast augmentation, breast implants, and fat transfer.

Be careful about breast surgery success stories from Malaysia and Thailand. If you want to pursue breast enlargement through medical means, we strongly suggest getting your consultation from a reputable plastic surgeon.

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