Breast Augmentation Trick

Breast Augmentation

The best DIY way to enhance breast size

By far the best Do-It-Yourself method to increase your breast size (breast augmentation) is through push-ups. We know, this doesn’t exactly increase the size of your breasts, but it does give off the impression that it does. And it’s effective enough that nearly every woman in Taiwan and Korea do it. Make-up is a skill, and this is part of that skill set.

Before going into the specifics of a good push-up, take a quick look in the mirror. Which of the following pictures best describes you?

Our breasts all grow in their own unique ways. Those of us with breasts that are further apart will need to use techniques that are different from those with their breasts very near. Top heavy breasts also need less work to push up than those of us with breasts that are flatter at the top and have more weight at the bottom.

Here’s a very good video showing you how to do this correctly:

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